Justice Organization Novus

On the 21st of September 2015, The Manchester College Group launched a new justice organization named Novus. It is a non-profit large social enterprise, which main aim is to deliver education, different kinds of training and employability programs. For now an influence territory includes more than 100 sites, among which are prisons, Approved Premises and the community.

The organization is considered to exist on the base of The Manchester College Group, but it’s still a standalone social enterprise. The focus of Novus covers justice, education, and other needs of learners and stakeholders. There are almost 3,000 employees working for The Manchester College justice division, these people work nationwide, they give education and training to more than 65,000 prisoners annually. All the best qualities of the division, which exists for about two decades, are included in the new Novus too.

Justice Organization Novus

According to a message by Peter Cox, managing director, the mission of justice division is great and its’ fulfillment can’t stop now, so 20 years’ experience of The Manchester College work with people of all ages, who were in prison for different deeds, is only the beginning. Quality education must be provided to everybody that is why Novus was launched. People in prison are not exception, they should be versed in different spheres, and even trained to write college essays. This is the next step in the journey to the leadership and development of larger amount of education and employment for offenders. The most important goal is to reduce further offendings.

During the launch ceremony at the House of Commons one more member of the team appeared. It was Monty Don – Gardeners’ World presenter. In his speech, he showed all the support for the idea and the process of rehabilitation and education for prisoners in order to prevent them from repeating what they had done. While cooperating with the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), he was one of the first people, who saw The Manchester College’s work on offenders’ education and behavior. He met learners from HMP Styal this year at the RHS Tatton Park Flower Show this year along with winning gardens they made.

Peter Cox also said he’s happy to hear that more than 80% of inspections gave ‘good’ or even ‘excellent’ marks to the prisons, which are provided with education and training by Novus. The inspections were held by HMIP / Ofsted. This proves the leadership of Novus and its’ activity and also shows how professional are the teachers and trainers and how eager are they to share the knowledge and help people to make their lives better. Moreover, the information says, that Novus is far ahead than the national condition of the sector which, by the way, is not more than 33%.

Experience says that education can change lives and as the result make the nation better in different fields: social, economic, financial, etc.

This is what all the participants of the programs and workers of the organization believe in. Currently, Novus works with different partners and make new connections in order to have more prisoners educated and employed after they release. The aim is not to lose people or forget about them, but to make them social even after such a hard period of life. This greatly helps to tackle re-offending rates, which make the country safer. Novus workers check and determine the skills that future employees lack, skills that employers need and adapt the curriculum and the education according to this.

By doing all the described things and trying to increase the number of learners, future employees and members of society, the organization hopes to move all these people on a new life path that has nothing in common with crime. Novus doesn’t stop and is always searching for new partners in order to change lives of children, youngsters and adults, who chose a wrong way.

Currently, Novus is cooperating with the Ministry of Justice, the Youth Justice Board, the National Offender Management Service, and different charity organizations etc., and in cooperation with the learners themselves, of course, they are trying hard to create a safer and more stable society.