Criminal Justice Courses in the UK

Many young people wish to work at the institutions, which uphold social control, deter and mitigate crime or sanction those, who violate the law. But to get a good job position, one should have a higher education connected with Criminal Justice. We offer you a list of courses in the UK universities, which can give you an opportunity to become a specialist in the field of Criminal Justice.

Criminal Justice Courses

Courses at University of Portsmouth

The structure of University of Portsmouth includes Institute of Criminal Justice Studies. This Institute offers Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Professional (Flexible) courses in different fields. Some of them can be learned full time or by distance learning. Undergraduate courses include various combinations of subjects connected with Criminal Justice such as:

– Counter Fraud, where you are going to expand your knowledge in the sector of counter frauds.
– Crime and Criminology to improve your awareness in crime, control and possible punishment.
– Criminal Justice, where you will focus on historical and modern development of the science.
– Forensic Studies to integrate the overview of forensic science.
– Psychology to center on the offending behavior.
– The study of Law through the framework of criminal justice system.
– Policing and Investigation
– Risk and Security Management for those, who are interested in private security sector.

Postgraduate courses in addition to some similar to Undergraduate courses involve also Corruption studies to become a specialist in corruption countermeasures, International Criminal Justice based on comparative perspectives, Policy and Leadership to enhance the knowledge of police officers and two Professional Doctorate courses in Criminal Justice and Security Risk Management.
Many of these courses are also available as Flexible courses at this university as well.

Manchester College and its courses

The choice of courses connected with Criminal Justice at Manchester College is not so wide. But this college suggests receiving a qualification of Bachelor of Arts and Foundation degree in Public Service and Social Justice. Both degrees are aimed at people, who wish to be employed in public sector organizations and get work-based skills and necessary knowledge.

Criminal Justice courses at De Montfort University

De Montfort University belongs to the UK universities, which also offer courses in Criminal Justice. All of them apart from the main subject involve the second specialty connected with criminal sciences. Students have an opportunity to choose among:

1. Criminal Investigation with Policing Studies for you to become a reflective and professional practitioner in the policing sector.
2. Criminology and Criminal Justice for the student to get a broader understanding of the reasons, legal framework and response to crime.
3. Criminology and Criminal Justice with Psychology provides students with the knowledge mentioned above in addition to the study of psychology.
4. Criminology and Criminal Justice: Policing Top Up Programme to receive a full Bachelor of Arts degree over two years.

Law and Criminology courses at University of Leicester

University of Leicester suggests a list of Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Foundation courses and Postgraduate Research. You can enter campus-based full-time, part-time courses and distant learning courses with different durability including Law and Criminology, Criminology, Applied Criminology, Clinical Criminology, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Forensic Science and Criminal Justice, Security, Conflict and International Development, Security and Risk Management, Terrorism, Security and Policing etc.

Courses with Criminology at Northumbria University

Northumbria University invites high-school graduates to study the courses based on Criminology as well. Young people can apply for:

Criminology and Sociology, which sheds light on crime analysis and criminal justice in social contexts.
Criminology to satisfy your interest in the causes of crime, victimization and society’s responses to crime.
Criminology and Forensic Sciences, which will provide you with all necessary skills and experience needed to deal with the study of crime and forensic examination process.
Psychology with Criminology course to get a full understanding of human motivations, behavior, mental processes in a variety of different contexts.

University of Essex

You can also find one interesting course at University of Essex. It offers its future students to apply for Criminology and Criminal Justice degree to explore social and personal crime aspects. This part-time course answers many questions, which are faced by society, and provides its students with knowledge and a range of skills useful for their future career.

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